Life As Rocket Science, Part 6: Making Adjustments

by:  Staci Stallings

I have another friend who is also working on losing weight.  This one found a program that was really going well for her.  She was jazzed to be on it, and it was working.  Then suddenly one day she sent a chat message to the effect of… she had been too into the weight loss and had taken her eyes off God and so she was not going to the meeting… blah, blah, blah.

To which I said, “Wait. Wait. Wait.  Hold up a second.  You’re wanting to stop all of it, something that’s working, because you’ve seen issues with what you’ve been doing?”

Let me explain this thinking this way…

You are the pilot on a flight from the mainland to Hawaii.  You take off and you are flying.  Suddenly you realize that you are off course!  In the direction you are flying, you will MISS Hawaii and instead be in Japan!

What to do?  What to do?

Well, of course, you turn back around and go back where you started, right?



You don’t turn around and go back?

What’s that?

You can make an adjustment?

Why, I believe you are right!  You can, in fact, make an adjustment and get back on course!

So if you’re doing your experiments and you realize you’ve gotten off course, make an adjustment!  If you are balancing your checkbook and miss a month, make the adjustment–do that month–and go on with life.  Don’t say, “Oh, forget it! I can’t do this anyway! I give up!”  Make an adjustment.

The good news is my friend did make an adjustment, put the program back in perspective and kept going.  The even better news is Hawaii (where she really wanted to be) is now on her radar screen!  Woohoo!



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One Response to Life As Rocket Science, Part 6: Making Adjustments

  1. says:

    in the readings this week from Proverbs…..wisdom….decision making…as written in Give Us This Day…is an important part of our Christian lives as well. The possibility of good, bad, often difficult choices confronts us each day; But our lives as Christians are gradually shaped by these decisions. So the book of Proverbs encourages us to make all our decisions carefully, in an informed way, and guided by wisdom. thank you staci love, eileen

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